Merry Finance: Some of the best twitter follows for the new trading season

Sorting through all of the investing information online can be extremely overwhelming. Luckily enough there are experienced professionals who thrive on sharing their knowledge of the financial markets right on Twitter. Here is a list of some of the top finance twitter accounts that we can all find value from,

reformedDowntown Josh Brown (@ReformedBrokerJosh Brown is a well known contributor to CNBC’s The Halftime Report and is currently the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management. Aside from running his blog The Reformed Broker , Josh Brown shares a great mixture of the latest finance news without beating around the bush.


stephenStephen Burns (@SJosephBurnsStephen Burns has been successfully navigating the markets for over twenty years. His passion for finance led him to create New Trader U which offers thousands of original blog posts and several trading eCourses that can help any new trader get started on their own.


scottScott Redler (@RedDogT3) Scott Redler is the Chief Strategist at T3Live and is a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business. In addition to posting price levels and his thoughts on the markets, Scott shares some of the best trading techniques for active traders.


dougDoug Kass (@DougKass) Doug Kass covers a wide array of finance topics for The Street’s Real Money Pro segment and acts as the President of Seabreeze Partners Management Inc. Prior to his success in financial media, he was the senior portfolio manager at Omega Advisors which was a 6 billion dollar partnership.


dkCtheLightTrading(@canuck2usa) Dean has created one of the most popular streams on Twitter through his helpful insight and willingness to share his market approach. After building a large following he launched C The Light Trading which offers both free and premium content that anyone trying to trade can emulate.


zeroZerohedge (@zerohedgeZerohedge provides an interesting perspective on global finance news that many other sources fail to consider. While many of the posts are highly skeptical, the information is very valuable to anyone who is actively involved in the markets. As one of the top 1,000 visited websites in the United States, their Twitter feed is definitely worth checking out for the latest financial topics.

sangSang Lucci (@sanglucciThe Founder and Head Trader of Sang Lucci, Anand Sanghvi, has been successfully trading options and equities since 2006. Anand gained popularity for his amazing option trading P/L’s which he use to post daily. Now he has built Sang Lucci into a leading educational resource for traders and does a great job of providing retail investors with information that most market makers fail to mention.

openOpenOutcrier (@OpenOutcrierOpen Outcrier is quick on the trigger when it comes to stock and option trading headlines. Unlike other news feeds, Open Outcrier keeps their feed clear of any irrelevant information and often times provides breaking news simultaneously with the larger sources. Being market participants themselves, investors can relate to some of the ideas they share in the midst of the headlines. 

harmonGreg Harmon (@harmongregGreg Harmon has traded since 1986, holds both the CMT and CFA designation, and currently acts as the Founder & President of Dragonfly Capital. He not only successfully published Trading Options , but also provides in depth technical analysis and trading ideas using stocks and options. Aside from the premium content, Greg tends to share trading ideas on his stream for everyone to see.

keithKeith McCullough (@KeithMcCulloughKeith McCullough is the CEO of Hedgeye Risk Management and built a successful track record as a hedge fund manager prior to starting the independent investment research firm. Keith’s clients include both small and professional funds but he also makes his investment research available to individual investors. For those that don’t have time to read all of the economic data, he also produces a helpful series of webcasts describing the latest trends in finance.

Staying engaged in the markets while filtering out the noise can be one of the most challenging aspects for those starting to manage their own money. By emulating some of the strategies that these traders provide you will be well on your way to building a solid understanding of what it takes to generate a positive return year over year.


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